The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is announcing changes in position descriptions and staffing to create a more integrated, proactive and focused approach to downtown development.  Vicki Dugger, Executive Director of DDA, stated that she had been thinking about the changes within the staffing structure of the organization, but it wasn’t until two of DDA’s staff were recruited away from the organization did the opportunity present itself for the change.

Although Dugger is still relatively new to her position in Cheyenne, she has over 20 years’ experience with a wide range of downtown and community development initiatives and programs; and has led, and seen, a variety staffing structures. For Cheyenne DDA, Dugger was interested in a more focused emphasis on downtown business retention, expansion and recruitment through a dedicated position, rather than a volunteer committee tackling those issues. To that end, Dugger revamped the Program Manager position, previously held by Desiree Brothe, into a Downtown Business Development Specialist position. After reviewing almost 30 resumes for the revamped position, Dugger promoted Esther Gonzales from within DDA. Not only will Gonzales focus on downtown business development, she will also take over coordination of DDA’s Design Committee. DDA will also be instituting another change: The Economic Vitality (EV) Committee, which previously worked on downtown business development, will be transforming into a Development Committee now that DDA is an active player in downtown development projects. Members of the EV Committee have been invited to participate in the new Development Committee.

In another turn of events, Dugger was given the opportunity to slightly revamp the Marketing/PR Coordinator position when Fatma Inal-Falls recently announced that she, too, had been recruited away from the organization. The major change to this position is that it will now also oversee the Promotions Committee, which Brothe also previously coordinated. When Inal-Falls submitted her resignation, Dugger reviewed the resumes that had been submitted for the Business Development position and found several excellent candidates for the Marketing/PR position. After careful review and vetting, Dugger is pleased to announce that Jennifer Adu accepted the open position and began work on October 9th. Jennifer, came to the DDA from Wyoming Office of Tourism with extensive skills and experience to build off Inall Falls’ work.

Almost 100 resumes were submitted for the position Administration & Special Events Coordinator. After a very mindful analysis of each applicant, Dugger chose Jaime Clintsman out of Dallas, TX.  Jaime began work at the DDA on November 9th.