5 Ways You Can Support Local Businesses From Home

As Wyoming responds with precautions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many local businesses are fearful of the negative economic impact that comes with social distancing.

While we are all in this together and recognize that public health is a top priority for all, our small businesses, artists and musicians, and community-building organizations rely heavily on social togetherness and foot traffic to sustain operations and wages.

There is hope, though, and we can still be an incredibly supportive community that keeps our small, locally owned businesses open.

Check out our small (but mighty!) checklist 5 ways you can support local from the comfort of your home.

1 – Buy A Gift Card: Purchase a gift card or certificate now and cash in on it later! This helps small businesses keep money flowin’ through the next 1-2 months and gives consumers a great reason to be local when it’s finally time to gather collectively again.

2 – Shop Online or Over the Phone: See something you like on Facebook or Instagram? Call and order over the phone or take advantage of the local businesses with e-commerce via websites. Order from your favorite restaurants and retailers online – have food delivered to your office or items shipped to your home. Many local businesses also have the option to pick up at the door or curb.

3 – Leave A Review: Can’t drop the cash now but still want to make sure your favorite local businesses are feelin’ the love? Leave a review online and make sure others know just how much our small businesses mean to our community.

4 – Promote Social Media: Like, comment, and share posts from local small businesses. Help them increase their social media engagement so the next time they promote an event or new menu item or special sale, more folks can see it!

5 – Subscribe: Be the first to know about special tickets on sale, new events, in-store specials, and news from your favorite local businesses by subscribing to their e-newsletter. Help them grow their following by sharing it with your friends and colleagues.

When you shop and dine local, you invest local. One of the best ways to build a vibrant Cheyenneis to support the growth of small, locally owned businesses.

Thanks for supporting local during these uncertain times. – Downtown Cheyenne