Artist Roster Form


The Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) has restructured the Cheyenne Mural Program. The Mural Program is intended to provide financial support to downtown property and business owners who are interested in adding mural art on an exterior wall of their property. In an effort to support both downtown businesses and property owners, as well as the artists in our community, the DDA is creating an ‘Artist Roster.’ This is a list of artists in and around the Cheyenne and Laramie County who would like to be considered for any future mural projects in Downtown Cheyenne.

How the Roster Works

Any artist wishing to be considered for a future Downtown mural project should fill out the form below and include an artist statement and a portfolio of completed work. When a property or business owner is seeking to place a mural on their selected property, they will have the option to review artists located in our roster to help them better plan a design, look, and feel for their project. By no means are these the only options for property and business owners to chose from; this is simply meant to create more resources for those wishing to add mural art, and for the artists who make that art.

Questions can be directed to DDA Creative Projects Director, Desiree Brothe, at