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Cashier, Server & Cook Postions @ Bella Fuoco Wood Fired Pizza

LOVE PIZZA? NEED CASH? NOW HIRING for cashier/server and cook positions. $12/hourly plus tips, benefits include PIZZA of course, and health, vision, dental for 30+ hrs. Apply at 2115 Warren Ave. Experience desired, will train the right person. Seasonal and permanent opportunities.

    Listing Information

    Job Title: Cashier, Server, & Cook
    Business Name: Bella Fuoco Wood Fired Pizza
    Job Location: 2115 Warren Ave.
    Job Summary:

      Job Type: Full-Time/Part-Time/Seasonal/Permanent
      Job Requirements:
      Previous experience desired, but not required


        Pay Range: $12.00/hour + tips
        Benefits (if any): 

        • Health, vision & dental for qualified employees

        Start Time: As soon as possible

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        To apply: apply in person at 2115 Warren Ave