In the Spring of 2021 the Cheyenne Downtown Development Authority (DDA) had the opportunity to create a project that would not only benefit the downtown community, but the entire City of Cheyenne. Instead of executing the project in-house, the DDA decided to “go big or go home” and asked a few enthusiastic downtown professionals, residents and representatives of our community if they would be willing to form a committee to plan and execute the project in its entirety. In less than four months the committee members were able to develop a project that not only transformed an underwhelming area of downtown Cheyenne, but also contributed to the community’s brand in a unique and impactful way. 

Thanks to the work of our committee along with the generous support from our sponsors, what started out as a small idea has become a multiphase development project. As the first phase installment of the overall project, this CHEYENNE sign highlights just a few things that make our Capitol City one of a kind. We hope you take the time to explore our community and experience everything it has to offer. Welcome to Cheyenne – there’s more here than meets the eye.

Placemaking Committee Members

  • Haylee Chenchar: DDA 
  • Amber Trevizo: DDA
  • Desirée Brother (West Edge Collective)
  • Muriah Kilmer (Freedom’s Edge Brewing)
  • Joe Chenchar (Laramie County Government)
  • Jackson Laybourn (Black Tooth)
  • Gabriel Whittemore (Array)
  • Pam Cooper (Cowgirls of the West)
  • Cameron Thomas (MHP)
  • Sam Crowley (City of Cheyenne)
  • Mark Christiansen (City of Cheyenne)
  • Lori Brennan (Jonah Bank)

Thank you to our project partners and sponsors for helping to bring this project to life:

  • Rocking V Metalwork
  • City of Cheyenne
  • Cheyenne DDA
  • West Edge Collective
  • Ink Monstr
  • Cheyenne Frontier Days (photography)
  • Janelle Rose Photography (photography)
  • Wyoming Main Street
  • Microsoft
  • MHP
  • Arts Cheyenne
  • Visit Cheyenne
  • Jonah Bank of Wyoming
  • Crowley Fleck
  • gBETA Cheyenne

The ReRide Program is an exciting, fun and easy way to get around downtown and beyond!


The Cheyenne Mural Program IDENTIFIES OPPORTUNITIES AND CASTS VISION FOR PUBLIC ART in Downtown Cheyenne; helping create a more engaging and culturally-vibrant space.

Reclaims alleyways and otherwise unremarkable real estate for to inspire engagement; providing a benefit to residents and tourists alike.


Encourages community buy-in by showcasing local culture and history; creating visual stories unique to Downtown Cheyenne.


Supplies resources and funding for one-of-a-kind projects that beautify Downtown Cheyenne.



The Capital Improvement Grant, Downtown Cheyenne’s longest running grant program, FUNDS EXTERIOR PUBLIC RIGHT OF WAY & STREETSCAPE IMPROVEMENTS for downtown businesses, enhancing walkability and pedestrian friendliness.

This reimbursement grant funds up to 50% of an allowable project cost. This grant has a “rolling” application, meaning business or property owners can apply any time of year.

This grant is also overseen by Downtown Cheyenne’s Design Committee.

The Capital Improvement Grant is made possible in part by the Laramie County Economic Development Joint Powers Board.


Design Committee-approved projects help preserve historic details and maintains visual consistency through Downtown.


A more pedestrian friendly and inviting Downtown helps attract businesses, residents, and customers – the trifecta of a successful Downtown District!


The Capital Improvement Grant program is open year-round so that property and business owners can access it when it is convenient for them.

The Facade Improvement Program (FIP) is an annual matching grant program that FUNDS EXTERIOR BUILDING IMPROVEMENTS for Downtown properties, reinforcing the aesthetic integrity and historic legacy of Cheyenne.

Typically, the application process for this grant program opens in early spring; with final decisions by the end of May to allow for summer construction. This program provides up to a 65% reimbursable grant for allowable facade improvements that adhere to the Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. In 2019, six facade projects were selected to receive grant funding through the FIP process.

The total commitment to these projects from Downtown Cheyenne is over $320,000 for 2019. This program is oversee by the Downtown Cheyenne Design Committee, a skilled group of volunteers who include historic preservation specialists, an architect, planners, a real estate professional, and Downtown Cheyenne staff.


Creates immediate visual improvements in public right-of-way, preserving history and aiding the Cheyenne’s look and feel.


Since its inception, over $660,000 in grant funds (up to 65% of total project costs) have helped improve Downtown’s appearance and attractiveness; helping keep historic viable for the long-term.


Generates positive promotional publicity (e.g., The Atlas), increases property values and makes the district attractive to potential businesses, residents and patrons.

We plan on listing past funded projects in this section in the near future. If you have suggestions on potential projects or programs you believe the DDA might be able to help with, please don’t hestitate to let us know!