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Mixologist, Server, and Cook @ Paramount Ballroom

We look for people who have knowledge about classic cocktails and the craft of creating delicious drinks and food, or at the very least the desire to learn about them extensively! We do have a lengthy and thorough training program for our mixologists, and require that applicants for that position have some previous experience bartending. Applicants for Server and Cook positions don’t need to have prior experience necessarily, but customer service experience is a must! We always have opportunities for superstars to advance and take on new roles within the company. 

We work pretty hard around here, there’s a lot to learn and a lot to get done everyday, so slackers need not apply! If you are excited about what we’re doing here and want to join us, fill out our application to get started!

    Listing Information

    Job Title: Various
    Business Name: Paramount Ballroom
    Job Location: 1609 Capitol Ave
    Job Summary: Mixologist, Server, Cook
    Job Type: Full/Part Time
    Job Requirements

    • No experience required for server or cook positions.
    • Previous bartending experience for mixologist positions.

    Pay Range
    Benefits (if any): 
    Start Time: As soon as possible

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