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We’ve curated several lists of some of the best activities, food and things to do in Downtown Cheyenne, Wyoming!


Top ten family activities in downtown cheyenne


Top ten desserts in downtown cheyenne


Top ten date nights in downtown cheyenne

Happy hours

Top ten happy houRs in downtown cheyenne

Downtown Diaries

Stories about the people and places that make downtown Cheyenne such an incredible place to live, work and play.

Top 10 Family Activities in Downtown Cheyenne

Top 10 Family Activities in Downtown Cheyenne

Cheyenne is a unique blend of old and new, mingling history with progress across each of our cities. Our downtown is full of activities that enrich any vacation or trip, or any staycation, as well. Cheyenne is an amazing place to raise a family, to call home, and we welcome you and your family to explore our community.

Divots & Drivers First Annual Golf Tournament

Divots & Drivers First Annual Golf Tournament

This is where businesses and individuals can directly help be part of downtown’s positive trajectory while having fun along the way. The golf tournament is our first fundraising event specifically to work on these planters, and we want you involved.

Introducing the New CIG Program

Introducing the New CIG Program

The Downtown Development Authority is pleased to share our new, improved, and expanded Capital Improvement Grant (CIG) application and process. This grant is an important way that the DDA supports downtown development and investment, funding eligible improvement with a 50-50 match for projects within the public right-of-way. This brings together property owners and the DDA in a vital partnership to continually revitalize our downtown.


From art walks to weekend events, there’s something to do for everyone in Downtown Cheyenne!

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