Love Local Downtown
Rewards Program FAQ’s

How does the rewards program work?

From November 1st – December 31st earn points anytime you support a downtown business from the program’s activity list. Each activity is assigned a specific point value you can earn by texting us the activity keyword along with the photo showing us which activity you chose to support a downtown business (i.e. a screenshot of a review you left for a downtown business or a photo of your receipt from a downtown business). After we receive your text that includes the keyword and photo submission you will earn the number of points associated with that activity and your point balance will be updated.

Once you have collected enough points and would like to use them to redeem a reward, simply text us the keyword “REDEEM” along with the numbers of points you would like to cash in from your point balance as well as what reward you would like to redeem and we’ll handle the rest! Get rewarded for supporting small this Holiday season – what could be better than that?

Do I have to create an account or download an app to participate?

Nope – we made sure to create this as a text-based rewards program to make supporting downtown businesses as easy as possible. Every participant’s point balance, support and reward history is associated with their mobile number and all manually tracked and maintained by us (the Cheyenne DDA team).

Do I have to spend money to earn points?

No – the Love Local Downtown Rewards Program offers several ways to support downtown businesses and earn points that range from shopping local to social media sharing and everything in between so that everyone has the opportunity to participate and support our downtown businesses. 

How do I check how many points I have earned?

To check your point balance, text “BALANCE” and a Cheyenne DDA team member will verify the number of points associated with your account and respond with your current balance. *Please note: all point balances are manually tracked by DDA staff and your patience is appreciated. Please allow at least one business day for someone to get back to you with a personal response.

How do I redeem my points for a reward?

Once you have earned enough points for a reward you would like to redeem, simply text “REDEEM” along with the number of points you are cashing in and the reward you would like to redeem. We will cash in the points needed to redeem your reward to update your point balance and get in touch with you to coordinate your reward details as soon as possible.

How long does the program last?

The Love Local Downtown Rewards Program will run through the end of the 2022 Holiday Season (November 1st – December 31st), though we hope you will continue to support small businesses all year long!

Can I redeem my points for a reward after December 31st?

While points can no longer be earned after the rewards program ends on December 31st, there will be a one month grace period (January 1-31, 2023) where users are able to cash-in their points for any final rewards. All remaining points will permanently expire for all users after January 31, 2023.