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The DDA/Main Street Promotions committee oversees sponsorship of a variety of events in the downtown district throughout the year. If you have an event that you would like to submit for sponsorship request, please see these documents (with a link to the docs). Please note that preference will be given to events that have the following:

  • The event must be within the DDA/Main Street District (please see map at the home page)
  • The event funds are geared towards advertising and marketing of the event
  • The event must drive traffic to downtown
  • Provide positive exposure to downtown and the DDA/Main Street
  • Be marketed to a large population segment
  • Provide high visibility for the DDA/Main Street/downtown
  • Be accessible to the public
  • A majority of the event’s activities must be free or economically accessible to the public
  • The event must support non-profit organizations or activities
  • A final report detailing the event’s operation is required within 90 days of the Event’s conclusion. After receipt of this report, and approval from the committee, the appropriate funds will be paid to the event organizer.

As visionary stewards, we provide enthusiastic leadership for the economic and physical improvement of Downtown Cheyenne.

1601 Capitol Ave
Cheyenne, WY 82001