Top 10 Family Activities in Downtown Cheyenne


Wyoming is a unique blend of old and new, mingling history with progress across each of our cities. Our downtown is full of activities that enrich any vacation or trip, or any staycation, as well. Cheyenne is an amazing place to raise a family, to call home, and we welcome you and your family to explore our community.

Cheyenne’s downtown is a family friendly, exciting, and educational destination full of must visit attractions. It’s our hope that this list helps you discover new favorite locations downtown to enjoy with your family if you’re a Cheyenne resident, or introduces you to the amazing community we call home if you’re a visitor. Whether you’re young, or just young at heart, we have activities sure to help you enjoy the best parts of our community.

Here are the top 10 family activities you absolutely must experience in downtown Cheyenne:

  1. Visit the Splash Pad at the Depot

The Splash Pad at the Depot Plaza is a new addition to the downtown as of 2020 and is already a major attraction. If you cruise by it on any of our beautiful sunny summer days, you’ll see it filled with happy children and even some cute dogs. We’re also excited to share with you that our splash pad has a sunscreen station, provided by a partnership between the DDA and Wyoming Department of Health so if you forgot your sunblock, there’s no reason to stress. Just come and enjoy the breeze, the sun, and the water.

  1. Game Night at Flippers Family Arcade

Flippers is serious fun for the whole family. Flippers has an amazing pinball collection as well as some really cool old arcade games. Collect all your tickets and visit the redemption center afterwards to score some really fun prizes. Food, as well as beer and wine, are available for purchase.

  1. An Educational Visit to the Nelson Museum of the West

Cheyenne has a long and rich history, and the Nelson Museum of the West is an excellent place to explore this history with your family. This museum has a rotating collection, and they try to make sure that they update their displays.  Even if you live here and you’ve been before, it’s worth going and experiencing the history of the west again. Learn about the cattle barons, the Plains Indians and their art, Wyoming artists, the United States Calvary’s history in Wyoming, and more. The stories of our past shape our present and influence our future.  Learning about our history helps us respect those who have gone before us. Nelson Museum of the West has preserved the parts of western history that make us unique.

  1. Paint your own Pottery at Graffito

Love art, love your children, and love doing art with your children but don’t love the mess that inevitably results? Then, Graffito is the place to be! If you also enjoy creating things with your children in a controlled environment where the mess isn’t spread across your kitchen table, come paint at Graffito. This is fun with small children, if you watch them closely, but it’s also a really great bonding experience with bigger children who want to learn about layering colors and creating something special that will really last. Pottery is one of those art projects that can be difficult to really do well at home, and it’s so rewarding to see your item fired in the kiln. Graffito also does parties!

  1. A Western Themed Family Photo Session at Emma’s Old Time Photos

You can never have too many pictures of your family to remember exactly how things are at this moment, because the only thing we know for sure about the future is that it will bring change. Emma’s Old Time Photos has props, costumes, and all of the things you need to have a truly memorable photo session. It’s also located in the Historic Hynds building, one of Cheyenne’s lovely and must-see structures. The Hynds opened in 1920 and construction was originally completed in 1922. This building was built to be fireproof, and is truly unique!

  1. Take a Stroll to Explore the Historic Cheyenne Walking Tour

From the Depot to the newly renovated State Capitol, the Historic Cheyenne Walking Tour is truly an exciting way to experience downtown and our history for all ages. Learn about famous landmarks and past inhabitants, while stopping into our local boutiques, restaurants, and other attractions. Cheyenne’s downtown is very walkable, and following the walking tour will take you through our history and community. In the future, this walking tour will be enhanced by the History Under Foot project.

  1. Catch a Show at the Cheyenne Civic Center

Our Civic Center hosts incredibly varied and constantly changing events, providing cultural enhancements and enrichment for the community. It’s a fantastic venue for experiencing live music, watching shows, or seeing special features. The Civic Center is also an accessible venue, providing a family friendly environment for families with a wide range of needs. The Civic Center is our largest stage downtown, able to host up to 1,500 patrons!

  1. Check out the Cowgirls of the West Museum

Wyoming’s history is uniquely explored in the Cowgirls of the West Museum, a volunteer run effort that focuses on the women of the west. Cowgirls of the West has items that tell the stories of the women who came before us, who helped make our home into the community it is today. They preserve memorabilia and have educational programs specifically designed to maintain and preserve the history of Wyoming’s women, and how those women helped form our communities. Come and learn about the real history of Wyoming’s women!

  1. Downtown Trolley Ride 

Our Cheyenne Trolley Tours are one of the best ways to experience the downtown, whether you’re a longtime resident or a short-term visitor. Not only do they take you to all of the most famous sights, but these tours also offer interesting insights into the history of our community by the trolley operator. In addition, there are themed rides seasonally, like the incredibly popular ghost trolley ride around Halloween or the light tour around Christmas. The trolley ride allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy Cheyenne without worrying about trying to drive around while admiring our unique historic buildings and architecture.

  1. Explore the Depot Museum

The Depot Museum is in one of Cheyenne’s most identifiable buildings: the historic Union Pacific Depot. This building was finished in 1887, and it’s now a National Historical Landmark, and for good reason. Its iconic outline can be seen on many Cheyenne branded items, and it’s pretty universally beloved in our community. It’s also the last of the 19th century depots on the transcontinental railroad, making it an important placeholder historically for railroad enthusiasts. It’s been described as one of the most magnificent depots on the Union Pacific route, as well. The Depot is a must-see sight in Cheyenne.

Wyoming is a unique blend of old and new, mingling history with progress across each of our cities. Our downtown is full of activities that enrich any vacation or trip, or any staycation, as well. Cheyenne is an amazing place to raise a family, to call home, and we welcome you and your family to explore our community.